Friday, August 6, 2010

Trying Not To Eat A House...

The events of this past week have made me quite nervous and tense. (I am not always so sweet and pleasant when it comes to health issues, worker's comp and not having a paycheck coming anytime soon.)
I know I'm suppose to have faith in God the Father, that he will indeed work things out... but I have it in my nature to sometimes "freak out" beyond my wildest dreams. When I get stressed... I want to eat... and I want to eat everything in my path. Any leftovers in the fridge now don't stand a chance of being around for tomorrow!

I can say this... my house is clean. My kitchen is spotless. My bathroom is clean... and the dogs are taking cover at the sound of the vacuum cleaner running every couple of hours, because they've been laying around on the floor. Stress is just a wonderful motivator, at times!

There are a couple of bright sides to all my turmoil. We still have a little money in the bank... and we have some investment money that we can "cash in" if need be. AND... I got a call from the Vet's office, Nolli-dog's tumor was benign... it was a subcutaneous mass on the outside of his elbow. (Poor baby... he won't let us take off his bandages yet.) AND... DH contacted my computer manufacturer... my laptop is still under warranty and they sent him a new hard drive and software to reinstall in my laptop. It took him just over 2 days to get it all up and running, in between going to doctor's appointments, physical therapy and his MRI. I am actually once again sitting outside, writing at my patio table.

And... tonite is the start of Vally Days... we will be able to sit on the porch at the front house and watch the annual fireman's parade. Yesterday, they were working on out street and had the road closed. It was very quiet... and all the neighbors who needed to leave out block had to come through the front driveway and turn up through ours to get to the street. It was actually kind of humorous as we were sitting outside reading the newspaper as people were leaving for work... we just kept our heads buried in the paper and ignored what was happening. It was very quiet for most of the day... It's rare to have our road closed... but it was so nice and peaceful too!

It suppose to be cooler weather here for the next few days... that will be nice for everyone going to Vally Days. I am certain we will just be sitting out here, enjoying the weather, the noise, and some good food.... I need to watch just how much I eat these days! (I think I hear a rind-ding call my name!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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