Friday, August 27, 2010

A Deep Sigh of Relief!

This has been a tough week for me... last week I received a job offer from a national company and went for a drug screen last Friday. They also had to do a criminal background check and credit check... the last one being the one that worried me the most as I have mountains of medical bills. Being a 2 time cancer survivor isn't a "cheap thing" in life... and I keep working on paying stuff... but y'all know how it goes! Anyway... I just got the call that I cleared and I now have a start date of 9/1! It also makes things much easier on us as we don't have income coming in with DH recovering from surgery.

One thing (or two!) that happened today... I found quite humorous! We decided to go up to the Amish Market to get eggs and produce... as I was headed east, we came upon a company truck, driven by DH's supervisor! What were the odds of that happening!?! DH hit him up on the company phone... he was up in the area servicing an CVS. We were very surprised that we came across each other! Also while we were at the market, one of the Amish vendors that we like shared a little about his life with us... I asked where he was coming from and he told us the area that he lives in. We are familiar with it and know about where he lives. He told us his wife had passed this spring... and how hard it was for him. She had had Alzheimer's for 12 years. His kids had come to see him on Sunday... and it made him appreciate the time he had with his wife and all his children under his roof. I told him that my Mom had passed in February with Alzheimer's and it's hard to have her gone. He appreciated that we had reached out to him to care. (Who knew? Amish??? But he does see us quite regularly at his stand.)

So... I am very relieved and so happy to know that God is so faithful to us in our time of need. I get so worried about things and have very little patience for the things I have no control over. (Don't we all?)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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