Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Morning Special

I woke up super early... I do that when things weigh on my mind and heart. DH had a tough evening with pain... and I worked hard to get his pain level down. We did ice packs for awhile, then later, I switched to moist heat with the heating pad. I rubbed his shoulder and arm down with Biofreeze. I stayed on a tight schedule of meds and added a muscle relaxer at bedtime. He said that he only woke up twice during the night and was able to go back to sleep. He woke up feeling much better today. He decided to immobilize his arm today to rest his shoulder. That should go a long way in helping to manage his pain.

I did lay back down for a little while this morning... and got about 2 more hours of rest. Then I went out with the dogs, got the paper and had a quiet time, reading and enjoying the cool morning air. (It went down to the mid 50's last night!) When DH finally woke up for the day... I set to making some breakfast... fresh Amish eggs, scrambled with Amish made colby cheese, toast spread with Amish butter, orange juice and good coffee. Good, wholesome flavor... and I loved that as I used Jumbo eggs, most were double yolkers.

Later today, we'll be headed out to one of the local farms to get fresh picked corn for dinner. We've tried several farm stands, and Burgers Farm has the best... and they do pick it fresh everyday. I'm sure I get some tomatoes and hopefully they'll have green beans too... All good stuff to have while it lasts. I love summer time  and how good such fresh produce makes meal planning so easy and delightful!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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