Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tryin' not to lose my mind!

It's been a crazy few days around here. DH is still home... we are at 3 1/2 weeks. We went to the doctor today. I went to get my 3rd and last knee injection of this series. (I can have another set in 6 months! Thereby prolonging having my right knee replaced until... say.. next summer?) I also discovered that I can have injections in my other knee... that may help with my healing process. (It still hurts alot when I am sitting or using stairs.)

Anyway... we also discovered that DH is going to need to have surgery on his shoulder. We were fortunate enough to get on the schedule for next Wednesday, the 25th. If not, we would have had to wait another month. I have all kinds of emotions about this... panic, fear, oh crap!... all being some of those. It's a process... and we both would appreciate your prayers in the days ahead. We (I) need lots and lots of grace right now. All I can say is that at least I have a date for something to happen and then a date for when DH won't be so far up my backside that he practically blinks before I do! (It's bad... the man is always at my side these days... and I swear, he makes my mind up before me! I love him... but I need some space too!

That's what is new around here! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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