Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lost in the Closet...

I've been in my closets today... doing more purging and some organizing. I am making headway... and can actually see where are my (remaining) shoes are now. It's a good feeling, but I still need to add a couple of organizing pieces to my closet. And I need to move the clothes bar back about 4 inches. (I really don't want to do that because I'll have to take all the clothing out on that one side.) But if I did that... I would gain some valuable real estate just inside the door for the aforementioned closet organizer.

In the guest room closet... I was able to really organize a good deal of our linens, some Christmas stuff and odds and ends of things I am not yet ready to part with. One of my goals this summer was to get a handle on how things have a tendency to either not get put away (because of space issues) or get tossed into the guest room to be dealt with later. I can confess that I am a card carrying member of the procrastinators club for most of my life. I understand that I come by that tendency genetically, no matter how hard I try!

That's what's  happening here! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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