Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back Home...

It's been a long day... and we are home again. DH has his arm immobilized... and he was in a lot of pain... now that we are home and he is in bed, with pain meds administered, I am taking a moment to breathe. We don't really know the outcome of the surgery... and notes won't be available for a couple of days. I am going to call the office tomorrow and speak to the P/A about what they found. The doctor had already left the hospital by the time DH had come back from recovery. (I think that is wrong... but what do I know?)

So... I'm off to feed and walk dogs, return phone calls and get DH as ready for sleep as I can. I am hoping to get his pain under control before we go to sleep... and I think I can do it with careful monitoring and tramadol for break-through pain.

Peace, Love and Joy! Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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