Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Silliness... trying to keep my sense of humor~

Silliness abounds around us... I woke up at 8:00 this morning... I made myself sleep a little longer. I was pretty wiped out by yesterday. It was very cool this morning, in the low 60's. I got myself together, ate my breakfast and surfed all my usual sites this morning while the news was on. (Remember that part... )

I decided that I was going to go outside and enjoy the cool morning air, plink around on my laptop and just generally chill. I also needed to water the flowers. DH decided to come down with me... and who should we run into, but none other than the landlord. He had been hanging around since about 8:30 this morning. He was getting antsy because a recycling service was going be coming to remove the fridge from the house in front. We somehow managed to say that we would take care of it for him so he could go on with his day... heck, we had nothing else to do!

Anyway... I got cold, so I came upstairs. DH was already back upstairs, taking care of his meds and icing his shoulder according to our little "set schedule". I realized that I needed to go to the post office this morning to mail out our water bill... (we aren't allowed to pay in person... mail only!) I mentioned to DH that I was leaving... and Pumpkin decided that she wanted to go along. (It was only 70 degrees at that point, so it was ok.) We headed to the post office, I did my thing... picked up the mail, etc.) I came home to DH sitting in my chair at the patio table... with his laptop. I sat down at the table and we went through our little stack of mail.

We had to laugh because there was an envelope from Child Services from Connecticut... and inside was a check... for a whopping $1.76! While we were sitting there... a very loud warning siren came blaring from the center of town... and it was very LONG... and very LOUD. DH looked at me... and asked if they had ever done this before... I could only tell him that it was a county wide test... and it had been announced on the morning news cast... to which, he had been sitting next to me on the sofa when I heard it on the news! (ahhh... silliness!)

Great Googly -Moogly! I came upstairs... and as I came into the living room, Nolli-dog let out a whimper, he was quite frightened by all that noise. I decided to make myself a sandwich for an early lunch... (cereal doesn't really last that long with all the trips up and down the stairs.) Just as I was done making my sandwich and deciding if I was going to eat in the kitchen or go back down stairs... the door bell rang. It was the recycling service, and they were instructed by the landlord to come to us to get into the basement to remove the item they were coming for. I got downstairs... took them over to the basement.... and then my phone rang. It was my landlord asking if I minded letting them in.... ummmmm... yeah, I told you that I would do it!

Now, as I sit here... the yard guys have shown up to cut the grass. Yet again, I have to ask them to be sure and cut the areas that are suppose to be cut... they have a great tendency to miss a lot... they can be very quick with the cut... so you have to get out there fast and let them know... I sent DH to do it! (Aren't I just evil!) So... on with the rest of this crazy, silly day. We have DH's last physical therapy appointment tonite, he won't go back until 2 weeks after his shoulder surgery. I just want to get through these next few days... and try not to worry about things... I have to keep faith that God will work it all out!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Jo said...

wow - you tired me out just reading all this. Sounds like your leisurely morning was packed.


Suzanne said...

Yeah... it was a crazy busy day... after the yard guys left, we went to Sonic for 1/2 price Happy Hour for cherry limeades! We came home to more phone calls... I was ready to take a napb but then it was time to take John to therapy. We're home now... and it's going on 7. I haven't a clue what dinner will be!

Sandy said...

laughed about the lawn service...our neighbor has someone mow her lawn and we timed them. from the time they take the mower off the truck to the time they put the mower back on the truck...3 minutes! they sure make a lot of money when paid by the hour =o)