Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Random Bits...

We are continuing to rake it easy today. I am continuing being the "scheduler" to remind DH to take his ibuprofen on schedule and to ice his shoulder. He's getting the hang of it... I just need to keep reminding him.

We ate a quick lunch and then headed up to the Pocono Amish Market... we actually got there rather late. There were no yummy handdone sausages... and most of the bread and eggs were gone. We ended up getting some yukon gold potatoes, carrots, more small red onions, a couple more zucchini and a dozen snicker doodles. (I need to bake my own... maybe when it becomes fall?)

We took Punky with us... she is such a little nervous nellie in the car sometimes. This trip was no different... she couldn't decide if she wanted to be in the front seat with us or in her little bed in the back. I held her for a good portion of the trip and then sat in DH's lap. Coming home, we put her in the backseat and she settled down fairly well. We turned on Colby Callait and enjoyed the drive home.

I did stop at one of the local roadside stands... one that actually has a farm west of town and they grow their own corn. We picked up corn for dinner... and after we have that, we can decide who we think has the best in the area... as we've sampled just about everyone in the area now. We just love having corn roasted on the grill next to a good NY steak smothered in montreal steak seasoning. That's good summer eating!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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