Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grace Under Pressure

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day with getting paperwork in order, having lab work done and my having mu 2nd knee injection of Eufflexxa. By the time we got back home, ate lunch and sent off paperwork, I was more than a little fried.

We decided to grill chicken for dinner and decided that we would eat dinner before we left for DH's physical therapy session as we wouldn't be back home until 7:30 by the time we made the trip back across the city.
We made it home at about the time I estimated, 7:30 and I rested for just about an hour. Then I went down to water the flowers as it was just after sunset and I could still see what I was doing... ( for a little while at least.)

Just as I was finishing up with the watering... DH came outside to join me. We still needed to get a couple of things done... like take the trash can up to the road. (Thank goodness it's on wheels and I can do it!) Anyway... Punky came downstairs with DH... I  got everything watered and then sat down in one of the patio chairs with Punky-dog. She wanted to be held and I snuggled her and talked to her and even sang to her. She seemed to enjoy it... and then I realized that she was going into a seizure. DH was down at the bottom of the stairs and he ran upstairs to grab honey out of the cupboard. I ran to the top of the stairs with Punky in my arms to meet him. We got about 3 good doses of honey down her... I just held her and  calmed her. It took about 3 minutes for her to totally stop with her tremor. Of course, after expending all that energy, she was ravenously hungry. (That is normal after a dog has a seizure.) We spent quite a bit of time on the couch, keeping her calm and quiet. I was very surprised at myself for being able to run up the stairs while holding 10 pounds of trembling dog. And also surprised that I didn't cry... that's usually my first response to something that scares me! And as of this morning, all seems well.

Please keep us in your prayers as DH is still off of work and we are going through the process for Worker's Compensation. Things are going to be tight around here for awhile. I am in hopes of going back to work myself... it's all in what the good Lord leads as of this point.

Thanks for blessed!

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