Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tonight... We Recover!

Almost everyone in this house had a doctors visit today! We took Nolli-dog in for surgery to have a growth removed from his elbow this morning. We picked him up around 11:30. He was groggy, but it wasn't as bad as when he had his dewclaws removed, his teeth cleaned and had 2 tumors removed from his tummy all at once. I think where his IV catheter was placed in his left front leg bothers him the most. (They went and left all the tape on it... he does not want us to try and take it off.)

(Removed from prying and sneaky eyes... ahem!)

When the P.A. came in to examine DH, she did a double take... and realized that it was in fact, me sitting in the next chair! She was very interested in why I hadn't scheduled my right knee yet. I told her that I was not "mentally ready" and I still had pain in my left knee while on the stairs. I was thinking of having my right knee injected with Hyalgan again. She said she had something new that was only 3 injections and that she could inject me today! I said ok... and when she was done with DH, she did bring in a box of injection medicine and injected my knee... and she didn't use any freezing spray. And it hurt!!!! She told me that I had the tightest knee joint she'd ever injected and that I didn't have much room in there! I told her that I already knew that... my right knee should have been first one done, but the pain in my left one over-ruled that. I am scheduled for the next 2 Tuesdays. She really wants me to schedule getting my right knee done. I will have to think about it... but as of tonight, my right knee feels so much better!

So... tonight, Nolli is getting lots of extra attention from Mom. He gets to hang out on the sofa with us and gets lots of pain relieving massage. DH continues to do his therapy and ice... and I am trying my hardest not to over do it. (I did take a huge nap (of 30 minutes) after the news. Please pray for us as we go through this next week without any vacation days or sick leave... it's gonna be very tight! Pray for DH to be able to recover from his shoulder issue.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

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Sandra said...

Sending up some prayers for you and your family.
Best always, Sandra