Friday, August 13, 2010

Cool... Friday!

It's a much cooler day... and it feels good to have the windows open wide and the fans blowing fresh air into the house. We had to talk Nolli-dog into the vet this morning... it was stitch removal day. I waited out in the car since my track record with that stuff hasn't been too good. (I get very queasy... not good while holding a dog!) DH took him into the exam room and Nolli did get quite anxious... but he did really well with the stitch removal... it didn't even phase him!

We did end up going up to Wilkes-Barre today... the trip involved a work related thing. While I was sitting in the waiting room... there was a guy who came in and he worked for Service-Pro. He sat next to me... and told me about his hand. He was on a job site removing an old storm window and it fell, hitting his left hand. His middle finger won't stay in place now... yuck! He said that he tried to cut and break a piece of sheetrock using his left hand... and it wouldn't hold it in place. That's got to feel weird and yucky! He told me about a few other jobs that they have been on... and that they also do work-site accident clean-ups. Ewwww!

Enough of that... we are home... and DH is taking a nap. He really didn't get any sleep last night. I can't let him sleep too long or he won't sleep tonite! I have left over grilled chicken that I am going to slice and put homemade pesto on it... and serve with 4 cheese tortellini with fresh diced mozzarella, green onions and tomatoes... some alfredo sauce and fresh basil and flat leaf parsley thrown in.... sounds quite good to me!

We are glad for cooler temperatures... that should help on my electric bill. Punky and Nolli are happy and hanging out near the kitchen door... waiting for their dinner.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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