Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Quiet, Rainy Day.

Today has been a quiet day at home. It was rainy when I woke up and I left DH to sleep in... he needed it. He hasn't really been sleeping these last couple of weeks. He has trouble falling asleep and wakes in the wee hours of the morning. To see him sleeping was a good thing. Nolli-dog is partial to sleeping in as well... he is a cave dweller, he likes it when it's dark and cool. So it was just me and Punky in the dampness of the morning.

With the quiet and the emptiness of both the flower shop and the front house... sometimes, we are the only ones around here during the day. Sometimes, the workers that are coming to give quotes for work on the house will come to our door looking for the landlord... today was one of those times. We are as helpful as we can be, but I sometimes feel bad that I don't have the information that those workers are seeking.

It's been raining off and on today... and we were coming across the city this evening and got caught in a huge downpour.  (I know that it may be confusing... we do live in a small town... just 3 miles away from a fairly large city of 85,000.) DH had another physical therapy appointment that was downtown. I had intended to stop at the store to pick up ingredients needed for dinner, but with the rain, we decided to swing into one of the fast food places that we pass on our way down into the valley where we live. By doing that, we ate dinner much sooner than if I had cooked... it would have ended up being quite late and we don't like to eat after 6:00 if we can help it. But tomorrow... I plan on gathering those dinner ingredients and fixing a good home style Italian pasta dinner! Did I tell y'all that last weekend, we harvested a good portion of the basil that we grew this year? We made some pesto (without the parm) and IOF froze it. It's in nice little portions, ready to thaw and add Parmesan cheese and have for dinner! Yummm!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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