Thursday, July 8, 2010

Of Air Conditioners and Owwies!

It's been kind of a crazy week around here. We enjoyed a quiet and fairly peaceful holiday weekend. Lots of people went away for the holiday and it really was quiet around here, until dark when everyone lit off their fireworks. We stayed inside trying to keep Pumpkin from climbing the walls, it was her first 4th of July here and I wasn't sure what to expect.

Monday, we decided that we wanted to get away and beat the heat. We packed a picnic lunch and DH packed his fishing gear. We drove up to a small state park and reservoir to spend the day. I had a book that I had started, so I was happy in the shade with a cool drink beside me. DH headed for the water... and he was down there for an hour.
We ate lunch and chatted about how long we were going to stay. I tried to move my chair to a shady spot and was overcome with feeling the heat. We decided that we should go since I have a hard time cooling down. We got to the car and the temperature gauge said it was 104 degrees in the shade. Oh my!

It's been brutally hot... and it's been a real job to keep the flowers watered and the dogs cool. Thank goodness we purchased a 2nd air conditioner for the living room this year.

Poor DH went back to work on Tuesday... down in Philly, where the heat and humidity are worse than it is here. He did alot of repetitive motion in his work and he has aggravated his bursa in his shoulder... having great pain in the smallest of movement. (I can relate very well with having issues with both my bursa and femoral bursa being aggravated in my left knee. Owwww!) I ended up taking him to the doctor yesterday and he's been put on complete rest until Monday. It's a good thing that I've been feeling better and stronger this week... I've had to take over some of the things that DH normally does for me.

So... for now, we are staying cool, trying to avoid the middle part of the house because it's too warm. Trying to keep ice packs, hot packs and Motrin going in the proper sequence for DH... and trying to keep food in the house that won't make me spend too much time in the all too warm kitchen! (I love my outdoor grill!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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