Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Heavy Heart...

Have you ever known someone, that no matter what the circumstance, they end up smelling like a rose? Someone who could have a pile of smelly crap fall on top of them and they walk out of it with a grand piano? I have such a person in my life. I'm not naming any names... but he owns lots of stuff like a couple of flower shops and rental properties, just to name a few things. I swear that he's made a deal with the devil for things... and now someone I deeply care about is going to be out of work very soon. This makes me very sad. I cried yesterday and I cried today... and I don't like to cry... it messes up my contacts!

My favorite little gathering spot is going away... and now I won't be able to sit and visit and take Punky to the flower shop anymore. I won 't be able to get fresh flowers without having to drive into town. And my dear friend is going to be without a job... she's worked in that place for over 40 years. She tried to retire, but she kept on working. And to make matters worse for her... her husband has decided that he wants to move to North Carolina... without her. My heart is breaking for her... but I have to continue to pray that God has it all under control and my dear friend will be ok. It makes my heart hurt.

To top it off... my front neighbor has been out of work for months. He really hasn't worked in almost 18 months except for a job that he only held for 4 weeks. He's moving out at the end of the month. I'm sure that Mr. Smells-like-roses will have no problem getting a new tenant. He won't have to even advertise, he'll just put it out there, by word of mouth... and he'll get it rented. I only hope it goes to someone who is quiet and clean. (We like no hassles around these parts!)

*** We will be having new neighbors... I forgot to add that part! The flower shop is already leased... and new proprietors are a very old family that has a prestigious jewelry store and they are going to open a gift shop here. *** (Here's hoping our rent doesn't go up because of it!) All it took was one of them to ask Mr. Smells-like-roses if he knew of any place down in the valley, and he stepped right into that opportunity!

My heart is heavy... and I am very tearful these last few days. They say change is good... but sometimes, I just don't know!

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

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