Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Bender...

I've mentioned this before... I have a real weakness for Mexican food. Those wonderful trips to Chipotle Mexican Grill... are some of my favorite days. Those trips don't happen often, but I love them when they happen.

It seems as tho I have been on a mexican food bender this week. Twice this week, I've made Cilantro-Lime Rice. The first time I served it with Hawaiian style meatballs and then again with Taquitos on Tuesday... along with some jalapeno poppers. Last night, because it was storming and pouring down rain, we went to Wendy's where I ordered the Baja Salad and a side of chili with cheese and onion. See a trend, here?

Last week, I had lunch at Taco Bell twice... and had Chalupa's both times. Everytime I go to the store... I bring home a small container of pico-de-gallo... I love it with chips or nacho's for lunch.

As I mentioned this "trend" to DH... he laughed and said, "Well, we know you can't be pregnant." Then he said, laughingly, "Maybe it's your Thyroid?" We both laughed at those ideas... because we know I can't have kids and I don't have a thyroid! lol
I told him that I must be missing my Mom... she loved mexican food as much as I did. I guess it's just my way of grieving for her. Ole`!

Time to get my shopping list done and figure out what's for dinner tonite.
Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Jo said...

I LOVE Chipotle - meeting some friends and going there for lunch today as a matter of fact.

DH loves mexican food, but doesn't like their food - go figure.

Is the rice easy to make? I have cilantro in my garden.

Suzanne said...

Jo... the rice is super easy to make! I always do it in the microwave... but what ever method you use... just add 1 T butter and salt to the water and cook the rice until done... then I add 3 or 4 green onions, sliced, including some of the green, a small handful of cilantro leaves, diced up, 1 T. butter and the juice of 1 lime. Stir that all in and salt to taste... that's it.