Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Bits...

We've been laying low the last couple of days, trying to keep DH's shoulder immobile and either on ice or the heating pad with a 20 minute interval in between. At least the last 2 days were more like normal summer days instead of being in the grips of hell fire. We ate well... I made taco salad on Saturday and we grilled some really good rib steaks and corn on the cob yesterday.

Today... DH went back to work. He tells me that he used his left arm much more and took ice packs to use on his right shoulder. He goes back to p/t tomorrow. I was glad to have a little bit of quiet time today after almost 9 days of togetherness. But I was glad to see him come home through the door tonite.... actually it was pouring down rain and I had to take Nolli-dog outside, so I actually met him outside with the umbrella so he could get all of his stuff out of his truck without getting drenched. (Yeah... it was raining that hard! But I don't have to water flowers tonite! Yay!)

I've spent some good cuddle time with both Nolli and Punky today. I can't believe that we've had Punky almost 11 months now. She is so happy and comfortable in our home. Last night, I had Punky on the bed with while I watched some tv and rested my back. When DH came in to go to bed, she will usually stay on the bed for a few minutes and then go and get in her crate. Last night she kept walking up one side of me and I would tell her to go "nite-nite" and then she would go back to the end of the bed for a few seconds and them come back to my face going up my other side. We laughed as she tried to cuddle on top of me. Finally, DH called her to him and she cuddled with him and then went to sleep on his feet. She's such a sweetie... and so funny too.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Jo said...

Hope he heals quickly - take it easy - you too. This heat has been positively awful!

p.s. - I'm coming to YOUR house for dinner - lol - you make the best meals!


Suzanne said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Jo! You know that you and your gang are always welcome here for dinner... just let me know ahead of time so I can get to the farm stand or the Amish market to get some goodies and sweet corn!