Saturday, July 17, 2010

Purging Domestic Goddess

I woke up this morning with more energy than I've had for awhile. It was also much cooler than it has been for many days. I have had a long list of things to get done this week... with rarely getting the most mundane chores crossed off the list because it is just too hot.

Today... DH and I needed to do laundry... it's been put off for 2 weeks now, other than doing his things for work. So... he decided that I needed to sort the laundry and while I was at it... I went to work in the closet too. I have 3 big bags of clothes, shoes and handbags that are headed to either Good Will or the Salvation Army. I could drop it in one of the Planet Aid boxes, but I heard that people take that stuff and sell it for their own profit and not for charity. It shouldn't matter... only that I am finally getting rid of some old clothes that I really don't need and have been hanging on to because to the memories or dreaming that I will ever be that small again.

So... I am being a Domestic Goddess today... getting every thing cleaned and shined and sparkling and getting the house smelling good again. (It's amazing how bad dirt can smell and you don't notice it... until you start to clean... ----> telling on myself! I hate cleaning... and the dogs can be soooo piggy!) So, as I go... things are getting pitched in to the trash, thrown in a bag for donation... and a few things like my little pine bench, my wood plant stand and my wicker antique rocker are getting put up in the loft of the basement. I need room and I need organization... and NO CLUTTER!

Here's to a clean and happy house and that I have the energy to keep going until I'm done! Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Sandy said...

when you are done you can come to my house...i REALLY hate to clean!

Suzanne said...

Sandy... You know I'd help you out if I were there... I've been on a roll since 7 this morning... just took an hour off for lunch. Time to get the rest of it done! =)