Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Once Again... Random Bits!

I hope that this won't be my regular format... I wouldn't want you all to get bored with me! It's just that it's Summer... and I am getting to sit outside in the afternoon at my covered patio table and enjoy the breeze, my flowers, and not be inside the house. I can hear great jazz music being played by my neighbor as he works at packing up his household belongings to move up to town. My other neighbor is out weeding her flower beds. And
I've been working on my cookbook. Some of my recipes are not written down... and it can be a little taxing to my brain as I recall ingredients and think out the preparation order. I will be including the recipes that I have shared here... and that means I have pictures to upload as well. I am going to have to get busy in the kitchen and make a few things and get my little camera out and take some pictures of finished products. There goes my diet! (Not that I've been trying too hard on that!)
(Content removed from snoopy and prying eyes... ahem!)
I treated myself this morning... I went and got a pedicure. It was fun to walk in 2 minutes after they opened and get right in. They got really busy about 30 minutes after I got there... and they were waiting for 2 employees to come in... they hadn't made it to the salon by the time I left. It's so nice to have my toes looking pretty in the middle of Summer! Feels so good as my feet slide into my sandals!

I haven't heard from anyone at all lately. My phone has barely rung. My family has abandoned me and my friends seem to be too busy. Oh... and my face book page got hacked last night! That was embarrassing! I have reported it and changed my password yet again! DH made sure that I scanned my laptop for viruses and I came up clean! I just despise hackers and the havoc that they wreak on us! (It makes me angry... and what's the point, Really?)

Tonite, I have to come up with dinner using left over roast beef... not sure what I will be putting together. And today is my best friend Cheryl's birthday! Happy Birthday, Hollywood! Hope your day is filled with tons of good times!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandy said...

we are reading, just too hot to comment...and it doesn't help when you brag about your cool breezes =o)