Monday, June 28, 2010

2 Thieving Dogs!

Today was a very humid, sticky day... I could not bare the thought of turning the stove on. So... we went out for dinner! (Like that is a big surprise!) Anyway... DH and I are both chocolate lovers. I tend to go in "spurts"... needing Dove milk chocolate. DH loves Lindor's white chocolate truffles and those truffles that are white chocolate with milk chocolate bits on the outside. We have stashes in strategic spots about the house. And one spot we have them in, is an antique bowl on the coffee table.

Tonite... after dinner, instead of going right into the house, we called the dogs downstairs while we (DH) watered all the flowers. It took quite some time, over 30 minutes and I realized that the dogs were hungry. I went upstairs to fix doggie dinners and when I was done.... I walked into the living room. To my surprise... the candy dish had been raided and there were candy wrappers and foil bits all over the floor. They had munched down about 7 of them. I don't think Nolli-dog was the instigator but he went "all-in" once the dish had been breached and the candy hit the floor. (He's never helped himself to anything since he was maybe 3 years old.)

Lucky for us... white chocolate is the least harmful chocolate for dogs... Punky would need to eat 125 pounds of it, before she would be in trouble. They maybe had about 3 ounces each as there were 2 truffles left on the floor that weren't eaten. Needless to say... the truffle bowl has been moved. Some body will be having "foil laced" poops tomorrow... Yuck!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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