Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Monday Weather

It started to be a beautiful day... the weather was nice and cool and DH left the fans running in the living room windows and the porch. It felt really good when I woke up. Then around 11:00... it turned hot and humid again. I shut everything in the living room and got the a/c running to keep cool today.

I went into to town to pick up a few things for DH... it's so hot and humid down in the city where he's working, that the perspiration just pours off his face. He finally took my advice and did a make-shift headband to help keep his face dry. So... I went in search of a few things to help him out.

Once I got home, I sat outside and ate my lunch and went through the pile of mail that I picked up on my way home... (lots and lots of doctor bills and insurance paperwork.) I came inside... grabbed up Punky and headed to the flower shop for a visit since they have new hours (shorter). We had only been there for about 20 minutes when the sky went dark all of a sudden and one of the worst thunderstorms let loose on us. Lightening strikes were all around us... and then the rains came. Hard, fast and sideways! So hard, that you couldn't really see outside... it was all a blur, like being inside the car wash. Needless to say... we were stuck inside until it was over... but it really only lasted about 20 minutes. And within 20 minutes after it was done... the streets were dry again.

Punky and I headed for home once it seemed safe to go again. It's getting ready to let loose yet once again. The skies are very dark.... I won't need to water the flowers tonight. But it had better clear up or my dinner plans will be foiled, as I plan on grilling a pork loin for dinner! DH is on his way home from work and should be pulling into the driveway soon, if the storm doesn't stop him.... Yikes, the rains just let loose again!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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