Friday, July 23, 2010

Time Marches On...

I intended to write a whole different post... but I just deleted it with my bracelet.

DH and I stopped into the flower shop yesterday when he got home from work... they had ripped out the coolers already. It was quite shocking to see the glass doors gone and just the back wall of cedar. Today, Miss A. is busy with packing up all the glass and crystal vases, all the different silk arrangements and such. She's still taking orders for delivery. We discussed that there won't be a flower shop in the valley anymore... there's been one down here for almost 100 years. Miss A. doesn't know what she'll be doing after next week. (Sigh...)

I also discovered that one of my former co-workers from VZW was killed last night in a car accident. She was a single mom, and leaves behind a young son who is 12. Today, I know that there are many people who are in shock and hurting over the loss of a good friend and co-worker.

Yesterday... I went outside with my laptop to sit at my patio table. I took Punky with me... she usually sits at my feet. Nope... not this time. She wandered off, nowhere to be found. After calling her for a couple of minutes... she came running up the driveway, looking so happy to have been called back to the house! (I nearly had a heart attack!)

I went to a quilt shop yesterday... I've decided to work on a quilting project to help fill my afternoons now that I won't be going to the flower shop. It's a pin wheel pattern called Iced Mocha... but I will be doing it in sages, dark purples, and ivories.
If I can figure it out, it should be fun to do!

So looking forward to this weekend. We aren't really going to do anything... and I want DH to rest his shoulder. He's still doing physical therapy and is going to see the doctor next Friday afternoon... hopefully for a cortisone shot.

I'm still on my mexican food bender... we're doing shrimp enchiladas for dinner tonite.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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