Saturday, July 10, 2010

Perc... Perc... Percolating!

Yeah... I've got lots of ideas running through my head. Unfortunately, I can't really share what I've got going on... and of course, that is causing me to lose sleep. I am trying to wrap my head around what I am thinking about and how best to put it all together. (I know... it's vague, and gives you NO Information.)

Besides that... we've been trying our best to survive the week-long heat wave. I am so glad that we put in a second air conditioning unit... I no longer have to be holed up in the bedroom when it's so very hot. We've also been busy keeping the flowers from dying... and keeping Nolli-dog and Punky cool as well.

DH has been home this past week, he has really injured his shoulder according to the physical therapist. Having to work in such dangerous heat with all the repetitive motion in doing cleaning and maintenance work has caused not only his bursa to swell, but the sublangial(?) tendon that runs under his bursa has become irritated, and could easily begin to "fray" and that would really put him out of work for quite awhile. We are praying that resting it and having physical therapy will help. He did go back to the doctor yesterday and the P/A refused to give him a shot. The therapist was extremely surprised by that, given the amount of discomfort and disuse DH was experiencing. Sometimes, his job really is very, very hard work.

Sorry to be missing this past week, now you what I've been up to!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!


troutay said...

Having had the same problem, I totally sympathize. PT will do wonders but also a cortizone (sp?) shot works wonders.

Sandra said...

It's starting to cool off now. I hope it is at your place too. Get well soon DH. There are so many wonderful things to do in summer that being out of commission just isn't nice. Good Luck!
Best always,