Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last night was a rare occurrence for me... I actually went out to dinner with a wonderful group of ladies for the time in over 2 years! Everyone that went was currently, or had been involved, with the flower shop... with me being the only one that has not actually worked there.

We went to a local Japanese steakhouse. It was tucked into a strip mall with a "dollar-type" store and an auto parts store for neighbors. Once inside, you'd never know that you were in a strip mall at all. We were seated at a hibachi grill with 2 grilling areas with the entire space seating about 30 people. Anyway... I was the first in line to our table because of the way we were situated in the waiting area. I ended up sitting at the very end of the bar in our area, right where the hibachi chef would be standing and our food would be waiting on a cart, ready to go on the grill.

Everything started out well... we all got our drinks. Then we placed our order... and then they brought out our soup and then our salads. The usual stuff... then they brought out our food cart... loaded with all our entrees. I was the "odd person out" as I ordered the chicken and steak combo. Everyone else ordered seafood. I could feel my face getting red just thinking about my iodine sensitivity. We all also received 2 sizzling shrimp as an appetizer. It was good... I did go ahead and eat it.

Then the chef put on all the veggies and got them steaming up.... and as part of the "show", he diced up zucchini and would pitch you a piece to catch with your mouth. If you were successful, you were rewarded with "free sake"... I was on the end... I passed on catching veggies, as did the rest of my group. Then the chef came around with the Sake... as I was opening my mouth to say "No, Thank you"... he began to pour it in my mouth... I was trying to get him to stop, but it took a moment for him to understand that I was saying no. Just what I needed... Japanese alcohol! I have no thyroid, I cannot process alcohol. It ended up making me feel sick to my stomach... and it was hard to eat my dinner and have fun while my stomach pitched and rolled every few minutes.

I didn't finish my dinner, and I was the only one to not take my left-overs home. We talked about dessert... and it was decided that a few of us would order and we would share deep-fried cheesecake. My order came... and my friend Jackie and I both tasted it... and didn't like it. It was greasy and tasted like the oil it was cooked in. I asked the girl to take it off of our bill... and the next thing I knew... I was talking to the manager. He tried to convince me that it was a great delicacy and that I should be enjoying it. I told him that both my friend and I took a bite and neither of us like it.... it was yucky and I didn't want to be charged for it. He finally relented and gave me my money back.

We all enjoyed our evening... and we had a great time talking and laughing. The only 2 things that were not great, happened to me. But I am thinking that it was just one of those things where the stars lined up just right! I was so looking forward to spending time with these ladies... and I did have a great time with them.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandy said...

I think that I would have threatened a law suit with someone forcing alcohol down my throat! It was a public restaurant for goodness sake, not a college frat party!!! I have never heard of this practice at any eatery before. That just left a sour taste in my mouth and in YOUR stomach!