Thursday, July 29, 2010

What A Day It's Been!

When I last posted, (only yesterday) DH was on his way home from Philly so that I could take him to the ER. He made it home, took a shower, and out the door we went. We arrived to a fairly quiet hospital waiting room and it wasn't long before we were taken back to the triage room. Once vitals and history were taken, we were put into Exam room 1. The doctor was very quick in coming into the room. That's where I end most of my "nice comments" about him.

Anyway... when DH told him of his aggravated rotator cuff issue and that he really needed a cortisone injection, the doctor was quite adamant that he would not be injecting DH with anything! (Then why were we wasting our time and money here?) He did take x-rays, but did not offer for us to take them with us even though we told him that DH would be seeing our family doctor the next day... (I had made the appointment while I was waiting for DH to return from x-ray.) The only thing the doctor did was write a prescription for tramadol... a pain medication that I already have from my knee surgery.
He gave us the impression that he thought we were only there for pain meds... ummmm... if I said that I still had lots of pain meds left over from my knee replacement, wouldn't that tell you that we aren't out to just get pain pills? Anyway, we realized that this was the same good for nothing doctor that sent DH away with " just a scratch across his eye" when infact he had metal stuck in it back in December!

Anyway... we went to the doctor today... the girl that I spoke with yesterday, entered the appointment in for "yesterday" and it showed DH as being a "no-show" appointment in the system. We were able to see the P.A. today... and lucky for us, she finally understood what DH has been telling her. She consulted with our doctor and he came in and gave DH the injection that he so needed at least 3 weeks ago!

(No comments will be made regarding how his company is dealing with this!)

I haven't had the best of times with all of this. I haven't felt well for most of the week, ever since I made those yummy seafood enchiladas. It seems that my gall bladder is not working correctly... and my last tests in March showed that I had no gall stones. I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow morning and I am certain that I will be sent for testing. (Oh joy!) The best thing about this day is that even though the humidity level was off the charts, the wind has blown through some nicer temperatures and it's once again pleasant outside. (I'm not bragging... just grateful... it was tough to get dressed this morning.)

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Sandy said...

i was only kidding about you bragging about your cooler temps. we are headed to the coast tomorrow so hopefully i will be catching a nice breeze or two. hope you and your dh get to feeling better. it is awful when both are not up to snuf. it is so sad when you have to rely on your poor pups to take care of you! =o)