Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Last 2 Days

Yesterday... I spent my morning at the doctors office. It was an 8:45 appointment, his first of the day. My complaint was that I have been ill for a week... cannot sleep on my right side without becoming ill and being in pain. I had like 90% of all the gall bladder symptoms. Or... maybe it was my appendix.

So... he decided to send me to the hospital for labs and a "stat" CT scan. We sailed through the labs, that was no problem for me. Then we hit radiology. And we were there for eons! First, the doctor's order sent by one of his nurses, was wrong. So... we had to wait for over an hour to get the correct order. Then, because it was a CT scan with contrast... it was going to take me 2 hours to drink the nasty contrast stuff. And the tech brought me out "ice tea" flavored contrast... which I despise! I was a "pain in the neck" and asked for a different flavor, because I knew that the one she brought me wasn't going to go down. I soon received lemon-lime flavored contrast drink. It was still hard to get it down!

Once my test time arrived... no one came. And no one said anything. While we were sitting in the waiting room... I heard the front desk receptionist mention, "Did the lights just dim or am I going crazy?" Nope... the lights did indeed dim... and caused the CT machine to have to be reset, making all scheduled exams to be pushed back.

I finally went back around 2:30 ish... was put in a dressing room to wait for another 10-15 minutes. I walked out of there at 3:00 but not before having to argue with the tech that my exam was "stat" and that I was to wait for the results to be read. She said the order didn't say that... I told her that the first one had it on it... and that order still stood. Long story short... we had to wait until 4:30 for the results to be read, faxed to the doctor and then have him decide if I was to be admitted or get to go home. All the while... I have not eaten anything all day, and it's friggin freezing in that place. We are held captive in a waiting room with a tv set on 1 channel that has nothing but soap operas on. I was not a happy camper! Not one bit. DH was my hero and got me a blanket so that I could at least try and stay partially warm. (I was wearing my birkenstocks... my feet were frozen!)

Anyway... we were quite anxious to get the test result since it was going on 4:45 on Friday afternoon... and we were certain that the doctors office was going to close and we'd have no information. DH came to the rescue again, and got into the receptionist face... and prodded her to actually look up what was happening. He also called the doctors office not just once, but 3 times trying to get information. We finally found out just before 5 o'clock that all my labs are normal, my CT shows that my gall bladder and appendix are still fine and that I am quite healthy. (In spite of the radiology tech that told DH that they had found something and the doctor would be calling us.)

I came home last night, still having the same ache in my side. It's still there today. I can only eat small amounts, and nothing on the "rich" side. The doctor seems to think that I have another bout of "flu"... but I think that my gall bladder is not working and they just don't see it in the CT scan.

Today... we slept in, ate a light breakfast and then headed to the Pocono Amish Farm Market. We got up to Highway 115 and realized it was also Race Weekend for the Pocono 400. There were people and tents set up everywhere. It was a banner weekend for the farm market, I've never seen the parking lot so full. There weren't any eggs left to be bought! We did come home with some good stuff... fresh green and yellow string beans, donut peaches, fresh corn, Amish butter and sausages and fresh colby cheese. We are having a farm stand dinner tonight... I can hardly wait! I just hope I can eat some of the stuff we bought... and keep it down or not be sick. Sorry to end on a note like that!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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