Thursday, July 15, 2010

Yay For Thursday!

It's Thursday morning... and even though I didn't sleep exceptionally well... I still woke up feeling good and in a very happy mood. I hope I can maintain my energy level because there is so much that I need and want to do today. I need get my house dusted and picked up so that DH can vacuum for me. I also need to get my grocery shopping done... although I don't have all that much to purchase this week.

I also want to take Pumpkin to get her nails done... she's overdue for a trim. And I want to give her a bath... and I should buy dog conditioner so she doesn't end up using all of my hair conditioner. (It does make her fur feel sooooo silky and she smells so good!) So I guess my day should start with a trip to PetSmart with Punky. That's always fun since she's so little, everyone just melts when they see her.

DH has a physical therapy appointment tonight. His shoulder is still hurting and burning. In fact, both shoulders are beginning to hurt him. He is working as carefully as he can and takes ice packs to use during his lunch break.

This morning is cool and overcast... but they are telling us that it's going to be scorching hot today. I have the fans blowing in... and soon I need to close the windows to capture that cool air, close the blinds and get things buttoned down to keep the house cool this afternoon. I guess I'd better get myself out the door and taking good advantage of this cooler morning air.

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

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