Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a quick update!

First... thank you to everyone for the good wishes on my doctor's appointment! I spent several hours on the phone yesterday and I am now scheduled for my pre-scan appointment on May 5th...(that's when they will give me that special cocktail of "8" RAI-123 pills...) and then I will have the actual scan on the 6th! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that nothing is cooking inside me... If they find anything, I will have to do RAI-131. That would mean that DH and the dog would both have to move out for a week as I would have to be isolated for 7 days.

I went shopping yesterday... got what felt like a ton of groceries, but I know that I will more than likely have to go and get more produce as I need it. I am now on the low-iodine diet, meaning that I cannot have anything that may have iodine in it... like eggs, dairy, cheese, any soy products, no bread, no potatoes and really nothing that is prepared. So... today, I will be baking bread, making white beans for a homemade version of refried beans, pico do gallo, and homemade breakfast sausage...oh, and grilling chicken... lots and lots of chicken. I will also be making more salad dressings. The goal is to get as low iodine as I can get to make cocktail work in the body scan. I was so not prepared to do this... I didn't get to have pizza or a good salty sandwich from the deli! But, I can guarantee that as soon as I get the okay... I will have some of that yummy salty goodness from somewhere! (I can have table salt... just not iodized or sea salt)

So... I'm off to the kitchen to get busy... Oh, yesterday while I was shopping, I was looking for kosher margarine. I asked the dairy clerk, because they do have a kosher case, he asked me to wait for a moment... and he brought back a lady from another department. She was explaining "kosher packaging" to me and I asked about "Mother's"... she looked at me with a surprised look and said, "How Do YOU know about Mother's???" I told her that was what is accepted on this diet and I used it the first time I did it... and a dear friend and coworker had brought it to me. The lady clerk told me she keeps a kosher home and that her store didn't carry what I wanted but that another retailer across the river did! I knew just where she was talking about... and went the extra 10 miles across the river to go there. That store had the most wonderful kosher section and I found exactly what I needed there!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Pearl said...

glad to hear that you were able to look for the kosher items you needed! :)

Egghead said...

I hope all tests go well and you are ok. Must be a total headache to be on that diet. Wishing you luck and prayers for great results.