Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook...

FOR TODAY (April 13th, 2009)...

Outside my is sunny but cold... the wind is blowing
I am thinking...of Easter's from the past... and how different this one is, our first one as a married couple, how DH loved to dye eggs today!

I am thankful for... a cozy home, a husband that takes on extra chores like vacuuming the stairs, and peace and tranquility today. Being able to call one of my sisters... and also my brother... whom I had a long and loving talk with!

From the kitchen... there are many yummy things to eat, roast pork loin, Sunday potatoes, salads, veggies, dessert!

I am wearing... my usual uniform of jeans, a soft cotton t-shirt and a cardigan with my birkenstocks!

I am creating... a birthday package to send to my sister

I am going... to the bank and post office today

I am reading... my bible, a few blogs, and new magazines that came last week

I am hoping... to stay of track as I prepare for my first medical check up since I got married, a new endocrinologist, a new medical staff to adjust to...hopefully getting correct meds once again.

I am hearing... my Dear Husband cleaning the staircase... the wind rail against the house and a snoring dog

Around the house... dinner is almost finished cooking... Nolli is sleeping near by, we are looking forward to a yummy meal.

One of my favorite things... is how Nolli isn't always sure where to be when John and I are at opposite ends of the house... I overheard John giving him a good belly rub this morning and brushing him out... so sweet!

A few plans for the rest of the week: to work on correspondence, do laundry, organize my closet again and work on my desk.

Here's a picture thought I am sharing:

I am thinking I need to go find a few clay pots to paint to use in the little garden area under the steps... it's been a long time since I did this one... but I'd like to try again~

What are your plans? Do you have any new craft ideas? What kind of lists do you make? What are some of your best holiday memories?

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Pearl said...

some of my best holiday memories are ones where the whole family gathered at home and i went and hung out with my plethora of cousins. and then i'd go and play with my favorite uncle, who is my dad younger brother. *sigh* now we all live so far apart and i still yearn for that feeling i get when we're all together again.

Egghead said...

Suzanne I think you should do a tutorial on how to paint that pot. Very cute.