Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whirlwind Busy!

We had a very busy day yesterday... I think I spent a good part of my day in the kitchen, preparing things for dinner and for today and the week ahead. I did make some homemade breakfast sausage that is very good and very lean. I may end up making this for us on a regular basis based on how good and easy it is to do!

Today... we started the day with homemade biscuits to go with that homemade sausage. Once I cleaned the kitchen up from breakfast, I made some pico de gallo for dinner tonight. That went along with homemade chips and guacamole and tacos with my homemade refried beans. DH had his with cheese and sour cream... I just had it with the pico and guac... and didn't miss the sour cream or cheese! Yummmmy good!

We also spent time with our neighbors, visiting their friends from England. And we did laundry... and DH cleaned out the back of his truck after a busy week of throwing stuff in and hitting the road from job to job. I went and sat outside in the sun while he straightened things up... it was a delightful time, with Nolli-dog sitting there too!

Tonight after dinner... we are having some family play time... Nolli has decided to take out all of his toys from his toy basket... he hasn't done that in years! So... I'm off to play tug of war with Nolli and his favorite stuff baby named Ruby! It's so dear... and it's sweet Sunday Love!

Thanks for reading... be blessed.



Pearl said...

how is nolli's eye?

Suzanne said...

We made it through 10 days of eye drops 3x a day... and he's doing just fine. He has become comfortable with his new feeding station and seems to be seeing just fine. Last night he was outside at dusk getting brushed, snapping and eating gnats and small flies... so he must be seeing fine!

Anonymous said...

Its sounds like a lovely Sunday to me. I enjoyed the sunshine as well. Pray that Gary will let me have a Nolli look alike!!