Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Weather Report!

Oh... My... Stars!!!! It's going to be WARM here today!

And it's going to be even WARMER tomorrow! I cannot begin to tell you how
happy that makes us over here in the valley. It means that soon, I can take down the clear insulating plastic from the south windows. It means that soon we will start construction on my flower beds. Soon... it will mean that I will be going to all the nurseries around here, buying up plants to go in my flower beds!

I just love, love, love SPRING! And this will be a fun one, I am hoping!

I have a long list of things that I need to acquire... shovels, spades, a turning fork, new hoses, new faucets, lumber, stakes, garden gloves and tools.... it all makes me so excited and happy inside! Last night... I could barely sleep, thinking of all the fun that DH and I are going to have in planting and doing some landscaping... and enjoying our yard. Last year, we didn't get to enjoy the yard too much, as he was gone so much. This year... he's working more locally and of course, we are here to get things started and understand some of the lay of the land now.

I don't want anything to elaborate... I like to keep it simple. If it gets too crazy, I won't be able to keep up with it if DH gets too busy with work. I also have to bear in mind, my own limitations with my poor knees and my energy level as I readjust medications in the coming months. Of course, it should be easier... once I start getting some sleep. I am going to ask the doctor to prescribe some sleep aids... as I am only sleeping through the night about 2 or 3 nights a week now. (Not good... I'm not a mommy... and I do require a good amount of undisturbed sleep.)

Well... how did I get so off track? (Could it be... not enough sleep????)

I'm off to work on my lists... and to figure out how much soil I am going to need. And what plants I want to put out there... and what plants I want to place over on the other side! See... I get so excited when it comes to flowers and outdoor living in the spring and summer!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: Me too, I'm so happy with the spring weather. It brings so much energy to us and the little wild animals are out there jumping for joy. It's nice just to walk by homes and see all the purples, pinks, yellows, and white's peeking out from the ground. I'm with you on spring.
Good luck with your up and coming health appointment.
Best to you and DH and of course Noli. Sandra