Friday, April 10, 2009

10 on the 10th!

1. One of my favorite things... is Sunday Potato Casserole. I will share this recipe tomorrow... (I hope.)

2. Craigslist Adventures... last night we drove into the PA mountains, and we acquired a new-to-us gas grill... for free! With the propane tank and a a grill cover!

3. We also acquired a brand new dryer... it's 9 months old and looks just like it came from the showroom floor!

4. I love going on adventures with DH... and this one was fun! He got to go down some roads he'd never been on... and discovered how beautiful the area is, and that there are some good fishing spots up there!

5. It always surprises me just how my silly little dog can manipulate me... I bought his FAVORITE dog treats... and he did everything he could think of to get more than just one out of both of us!

6. I love good, long phone chats with old friends... they just don't happen that often anymore.

7. I had a great time shopping yesterday at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I always find so many wonderful things... I can only imagine what I am missing at HomeGoods... wish there was one closer to here!

8. It always amazes me that my DH doesn't mind the things that I purchase... and I did buy him a great Tommy Hilfiger sleep shirt yesterday... It was so fun to see DH spy it in the bag and realize that I had remembered him on my shopping spree. (He's still not used to someone who does that kind of thing...)

9. I am excited that soon we will buying the materials needed to do my raised flower beds... and that I will begin to plant flowers... for the first time in over 4 years!

10. I am grateful for the gifts we have received from our Heavenly Father... for His Son, who died for us on this Good Friday... I know that each day, I am so undeserving... and God still loves me anyway. I am a work in progress, for certain, but know that Jesus lives within my heart.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Pearl said...

*hugs* oh suzanne - don't even worry about the post when you were feeling a bit frustrated; i think it's better that you voice it out on your blog than to have to hold it inside and then have it explode out one day. i know that you're such an appreciative, grateful, sweet person so i knew that that one post was just a glimpse into your rare days of discouragement. and see? it wasn't even one full day - you deleted it and then went right out and had FUN! :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hi, Suzanne! I loved reading your list of 10 and getting to know you a little better!

I saw your link over at Mer's, but when I clicked on it, it took me somewhere else, so I wonder if you might want to try linking up at her place again. I googled your blog and that's how I found you, but just wanted to let you know! :)

Have an awesome weekend!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

awesome list...I too love adventures with the hub...we happen to be going on one all day road trip to nowhere (these are the best)

Amber said...

Hey. I'm here via Meredith. Thought I'd pop over and say, "hi!"

I've never tried Craigslist, but I'm thinking I may need to check it out! I've heard some pretty awesome stories....and a grill...for FREE? Hello!!

Gretchen said...

TJ Maxx, Target, and Marshalls? The trifecta of goodness, indeed.

What a sweet hubby you have.

Blessings this Easter. Thanks for participating in Mer's fun. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hi Suzanne!

I'm so glad you played along. scored on Craigslist! Please do share that recipe. It sounds delish.

Happy Easter,

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Love your list!

It sounds like you and your DH have a good time together. That's really nice.

Happy Easter!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I would love to do raised flower/vetable beds but don't think I'll get around to it this year. Show pics when you get it set up~I'd love to see them!