Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sweet Sunday Love

I've written about how DH and I met once before... but a dear reader has asked to know how we met... It's very simple and sweet. We met at church. My good friend and yardsale buddy, Mary had decided to take on a boarder to help make ends meet. She had done it in the past and with electric rates in Maryland taking another 86% jump, she felt that she needed a cushion.

She put the word out with her friends from a few other churches in the area... she was looking for a male boarder. It took about 3 weeks for her to get someone. John had called her and set up a meeting, but didn't make it. He called her again, and rescheduled, but again didn't make it. The third time, she just about turned him down cold, but he explained that he had gotten called out to work both times and didn't have her number with him when it happened. He asked her if he could come over directly then to see the room and talk with her. She told him, ok... come now!

He went to her house, saw the room, and sat and talked with Mary and her husband, Rob... telling them about his job, and how he needed to find a place quickly. He moved in that night. He even had a good deal of his things in his work truck. That was on January 9th. On January 13th, he came to church with her. She introduced us at greeting time... he had a nice smile. I looked like a wreck, I had been crying... my Dad had died the day before and I was grief-stricken.

Mary invited me back to her house after church... she cooks a great breakfast on Sunday morning... we always went to the early service. So... I went to breakfast. We had pancakes and bacon and eggs... she makes great buttermilk pancakes! And we sat across from each other and started to talk. We talked for 3 hours, in between eating, doing dishes, and figuring out what to make for dinner that night. I finally went home... did some stuff around the house and got ready for the week ahead. I do remember that Mary had mentioned coffee house at church the next Saturday... I asked John if would like to go and he said, "Yeah... that sounds like fun." So I made arrangements with him to pick him up on my way.

Mary had given John my phone number... but he misplaced it. So... I asked if I could have his number... she said she'd ask him, and he said it was fine. He had gone out of town for work... and was staying at a hotel somewhere up in PA. I called him on Wednesday night to ask him if he still wanted to go to the coffee house... he was excited about that. So... on Saturday, I stopped at Mary's to pick him up... and we went to the coffee house to enjoy the music. We had a great time, we even danced in the Conga Line! After, we went to the Double T diner for a snack. We talked for a few more hours and realized that we needed to get home to sleep so we could go to church in the morning. I made it to early service... and he was there. I sat next to him... and then went to Mary's for breakfast again. We got "grilled" about coffee house and how the evening went. It was fine... we had a nice time.

Later... over the phone... I learned that John loves theatre... and there was a small theatre company in Annapolis that had a production under way... while I was on the phone with him... I went and booked tickets... We had our first official date scheduled for January 20th! It was no big deal that I did the booking... and we went out to dinner first. John was still feeling uncertain, because he didn't have a lot of money at that point... I told him, "Look, if this is going to work, You're going to have to relax and enjoy the evening... I asked you out... and I have no problem paying... there will be other nights that you can pay for... if this works out."

He relaxed, and enjoyed the evening... which was really a huge interview! We discussed so much over dinner... and while waiting for the play to begin. And it was a magical night... we ended up having the best seats in the house, we had a great dinner, and I brought him back to the house for a quick introduction to Nolli... who barked at him at first and then settled right down. We also had our first kiss that night... and we knew that something special was about to happen... that God was doing a great work. In the days ahead, we would each seek and receive confirmation that we were each whom God had intended for the other.

That's Sweet Sunday Love.... in it's truest sense!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Pearl said...

my heart just warmed from your story. thank you for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: I always like happy love stories and your's is truly one of the best. I'm glad you have met the man of your dreams. He really is very special and a true gentleman to you and Noli. Hope all of you had a great weekend together. Happy Spring!
Stay well and be blessed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: I always enjoy special love stories and your's is one of the best. Your husband is truly a special man and I wish you both a beautiful future together with Noli. It's nice to see that you support each other. I really think that makes a wonderful marriage. Happy Spring! Always nice to drop by for a visit.
Sincerely, Sandra