Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally... 1 finished project!

I have been struggling to get anything finished at this point in time... my brain is so scattered, that even some of the littlest things take forever! Even trying to type is a chore when I can't seem to get the letters in the correct order.

Yesterday... I did manage to get 1 loaf of bread made and 4 kaiser rolls in case we decide to grill hamburgers in the next few days. It's tough to have to make everything from scratch... bbq sauce, salad dressing, mayo, tortilla chips, refried beans, crackers... anything that you would open a can or bottle or bag for... I have to make right now. I wouldn't mind it so much except that I have fatigue and brain fog with all of this! (Did I mention that before?)

One of things that I have been working on is a set of house numbers for the end of the driveway. We have a regular delivery driver... but when there is a substitute... our packages get delivered to the front house... and if he's gone, DH is screwed if he needs what is being sent! Anyway... here's my 95 % finished project... it would be 100% (installed) but DH worked overtime last night.

I did get a call from the doctors' office yesterday... they need more lab work done before I go for my scan... and that I am "suppose to have the lab slip"... but I don't have it. If I do... I have no idea of where I put it. I also misplaced the prescriptions she wrote me as well... they have vanished into thin air! I hate when that happens!

My projects for today... figure out something for dinner... clean up my art supplies, start a load of laundry and try and visit at the flower shop this afternoon. I am certain that somewhere in there I will have to take a nap. I had to yesterday too!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hats off Suzanne for this cute little house sign that you made. Nobody should miss your address now. That's one necessary project out of the way.
Yep making food from scratch is sure time consuming but in the end I think it is just a little healthier for our bodies. There are so many scary terms on the list of ingredients on the store bought items. I've decided that if I can't pronounce them I can't eat them.
Have a great weekend, Suzanne. Let's hope its a warm sunny one.
Best always, Sandra