Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Snow... ?

We woke up to a Surprise! Snow on the ground! Didn't see that one coming! We enjoyed such nice weather on Sunday at the park. I even had the windows open on the porch and in the bedroom to air out the house!

Work has picked up for DH... he worked an hour and a half of overtime yesterday, he got called out for an emergency call at 7... got home at 9:30 and literally turned right back around headed back out the door within 2 minutes of getting home. He came home at midnight. We made it to bed around 1 am.

There were heavy snow squalls during the night... and the interstate was closed because of white-out conditions BOTH ways. Lucky for DH... he made it home before all that happened. We pray every evening for traveling mercies... and God has been faithful! The forecast is for snow showers for most of the day. I won't be going out today at all, glad I went to the Post Office yesterday! Time to get DH out the door for work...

Thanks for reading... be blessed!



Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: Snow here too. Just when we think spring is here there is one last blast of winter to keep us humble. There are a few different colored flowers peeking through the snow..purple, yellow and white. Yeah! Spring really is here and the snow is just foolin us. Happy Easter!
Best always,

Pearl said...

snow.. *sigh* :)