Thursday, April 16, 2009

Benadryl... it's what's for dessert!

It's a never ending saga around here... I keep finding out the hard way that there are certain things I cannot eat! I am waking up this morning with a Benadryl hangover. I certainly got some sleep last night... and probably a little more this morning too.

I decided that I would make some salmon cakes for dinner. DH loves salmon and often orders it when we go out for dinner. I haven't made salmon cakes since we've been married and my friend Mary makes them all the time. So, I got busy online yesterday and found a recipe... and proceded to make them.

They were yummy... and I payed the price for eating one! Nolli-dog was also excited about my making salmon cakes... and he got most of the one I ate. DH got my second one... as he looked across the table at me and asked, "were you that red and flushed when you started dinner?" I had already started to feel a little itchy. Needless to say, my evening wasn't the most fun with the itching and a little shortness of breath... so it was first one benadryl and then a second one. I was able to get comfortable in bed and doze most of the evening... taking the second one a few hours later as I felt the itching start again. I'm still a little itchy this morning and I have a lot of red, blotchy petichial hemmorage on my chin, nose and forehead...

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

For some reason... I'm not able to add any pictures or even spell check on Blogger today...hmmmm....


Pearl said...

blogger was going through some scheduled outages last night, so that may be why the photo upload and spellchecker features aren't working.

oh my goodness - did you figure out what it was? it's not salmon itself, is it? perhaps just some ingredient in the cake? have you ever done an allergy test?

feel better, suzanne! *hugs*

Suzanne said...

Pearl... it was totally the salmon. Nothing else was any different in the recipe... green onion, lemon juice, mayo, bread crumbs, egg, salt and pepper, thyme are things that I eat and use regularly when cooking. The salmon was arctic wild salmon... and I am becoming increasingly iodine sensitive. It does make for some interesting meals!

shelia said...

Hope your feeling better! Salmon cakes...yummmmm do you think they would be good for breakfast? :)