Monday, April 20, 2009

FOR TODAY (April 20th, 2009)...

Outside my window... it's cold and rainy. The weekend was lovely!

I am thinking... of all that DH got accomplished, he worked so hard!

I am thankful for... for a hardworking husband, how he embraces all the plans, dreams and ideas I have and helps me accomplish them.

From the kitchen... plans for dinner have been started, maybe some homemade bread or rolls as well.

I am wearing... the usual uniform... jeans, t-shirt and cardigan... and slippers.

I am creating... ideas for a deck area, planters... and place to sit and watch the fire flies at night!

I am going... into town to price lumber and building supplies this week. I have lists... many, many lists!

I am reading... nothing but research for all the things on my many lists!

I am hoping... to find great prices on the things we need... to have a great outdoor life this summer.

I am hearing... light traffic on the road, Nolli-dog - as he shakes himself awake and his dog tags clank.

Around the house... only light dusting to be done, some housekeeping in the guest room from the mess I made last week with unpacking shopping bags.

One of my favorite things... is the laundry area and all the work that has been done to get it into shape for our use. It's in the basement, dark and dreary... but we have plans!

A few plans for the rest of the week: to come up with a price list for decking, a price list for barrels and planters, and an idea of what to plant where...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

I am remembering Columbine... and how it changed the face of our nation and how we view issues with kids and guns in our schools. I was working in education at that time... with high risk students. We also lost one of our girls to gun violence when she went to Seattle to visit her friends and was shot during a gang related shooting as someone innocent in the car. So sad and tragic. My friend Marla, had also just moved not far from Littleton... and I felt fear and anguish for her and her family. It could have happened back home... I knew boys that played with guns and had fantasies of blowing things up... funny, but they are now Marines... and do that for real! Columbine was the first real-in-your-face live on-tv tragedy where you couldn't believe what was really happening, and it made you want to hug your kids a little harder and closer each night.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Pearl said...

my heart reaches out to those who have been affected by Columbine today. *hugs*

bee'nme said...

Hi Suzanne!

I love these posts...I see them from time to time on different blogs...I think I may try it some time. Your entries are always so honest and real... I was living in the Denver area in Colorado during the Columbine was affected so many people...still does.

Love your posts...sending prayers your way for good news from your upcoming medical tests!!

Hugs & Blessings,
Becky S. at Just Bee 'n Me