Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Morning, so far...

It's been a busy morning here at the cottage... my neighbor called. They are leaving for a few days to go to a B & B in Rhode Island with friends over from England. She wanted me to have a way to get in to her house if need be... and she forgot to give me a key. So... garage door opener it is! I hope to Not Have to Use it... but nice to know I can help, if needed.

The doorbell rang... it was the UPS driver. He comes by on average, about once or twice a week. I am wondering... what's the percentage of people who get packages in the morning that are still in their pj's? I don't think my UPS driver knows that I have real clothes! Package is for DH... more parts for one of his clients!

And... the phone rang... this time, the land line. Lizzy called... she wanted to know if we were busy for Memorial Day weekend. They will let me know if they are able to fly up for the weekend... that would be so awesome! But... Gary still has to see if he can get the time off. And so would DH... we shall see!

Today... is my big day... I go see my new endocrinologist. I printed off my medical history from WebMD... it's so much easier for me to have it in print than having to sit there and remember while filing out new forms... and it can become part of my medical record for the doctor. I also assigned myself a lifetime ID so that I won't lose any of it when insurance changes are made. I wished I would have had that a few years ago! I wanted DH to go with me... but he needs to be at work right now.

Still making lists for our outdoor project and for things we need around the house. Still trying to fight the urge to buy plants... it's still just a little too early for that. But soon... very soon! (Back home in Washington and down in Maryland... planting is going on... oh, it kills me to wait!) I have so many projects I want to start... but this weekend... look out stores... I've got some shopping to do!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Pearl said...

oh suzanne - let us know how your doctor's appointment went!