Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yesterday... we spent a nice portion of our day getting our washer installed in the basement. (We acquired one through my beloved Craigslist!) It involved a trip to Lowe's for new water valves... lots of cleaning of both the installation site and the inside of the washer as well... (It came out of a rental unit and the previous owner did not understand how the lint filters worked... eewww!) And when all was said and done... it has the beginnings of a nice little laundry area... and we did 2 loads of laundry! Not exciting for most folks... but we haven't had our own laundry area for almost a year.

We did have to take the laundry to be dried... as we don't get our dryer until later this week. (Also another Craigslist acquisition.) We are trying to follow a mindset of buying used and banking the difference... not that we are cheapskates, just trying to make our money go a little farther in these times. It would be much different if I were making the kind of money I did when I lived in Maryland... and the same for DH... he does not always have the kind of OT or emergency calls like he did in Maryland, that gave both of us lots of disposable income. But back to the laundry and taking it to be dried at the Laundromat... When we got there, it was a ghost town. No one was there, it was heaven! We had our pick of dryers... and we do know which ones work the best. We got things drying and settled down to wait.

Every so often... a certain woman with 2 kids comes in to do laundry... and when they come, chaos ensues. It's loud, it's annoying, and it also smells! I don't know where she acquires the plastic bags she uses to bring her dirty garments to the facility, but they're very large and I am impressed that she can carry it in on her back, by herself... along with her purse, her laundry soaps and fabric softener... and her kids behind her. She filled 7 washers up... and I wished that she had given her son a bath before she brought him... we were sitting near the open door and I had to breathe through my mouth every time he came near by... which was a lot... as he was curious in what we were doing while we waited. DH was doing a Sudoku puzzle from the paper and I was playing Chuzzle on my phone. We were startled when all of a sudden... small sonny-boy went to the nearby Pac-man video game machine and plunked in quarters and started to play... he proudly went and kipped quarters from Mom's machines without her looking! DH remarked to me that he hoped she had extra change, because he felt that he'd have to help her if she didn't. Anyway... after she chastised sonny-boy... they took off for the other end of the shopping center as he needed to use the restroom and she needed coffee.

It was a nice break from the smell and the noise... we were able to get almost all of our clothes folded and out to the car before they came back. We were outta there as quickly as possible. We are so happy that we won't have to be going back on a regular basis except to do the big stuff like comforters! It is such a wonderment to me that DH loves to go with me and help me. He won't let me carry anything too heavy, and he does not like for me to be there alone if it can be helped. The last time... he went by himself to do a couple of loads so I wouldn't get too overloaded. He knows that my energy level is iffy at best! We do live a simple life... and I don't want it any other way!

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Pearl said...

what an interesting story about the laundromat!