Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Weary Wednesday...

Today started with such great hopes. I woke up with energy and had a mental list of what I wanted to do. I got myself ready and headed out. I drove over the mountain to go to the greenhouse. As I started down the other side, the rain started. Just a few big drops and then it turned to a light mist. I got to the greenhouse and parked across from the 3rd door. I went inside and started to scope out what I was looking for... sweet alyssum to add to some flower pots. I found some... and then the rain really let loose. Big, heavy, fast rain... the sound inside was amazing and amplified. I was stuck there until it started to ease up. I paid for my flowers and got the heck outta there!

I made it home safely in the rain. By the time I came back south, it had passed. I made lunch and puttered around. Then went to the flower shop to visit Miss A. While I was out and about today, I noticed that there are several orange barricade cans and traffic signs being left in strategic places. I wanted to see if Miss A. had any info on when the streets were going to be torn up and how we were to get around this little berg.

Along with my errands today, I walked Miss Punky several times today. Mr. Nolli-dog wasn't interested in going out. I finally convinced him to come out with me around 5pm. I was busy putting the garbage can back in the garage and left him totally unattended for maybe less than 45 seconds. When I stepped back through the door, to my horror... there was my sweet, clean white dog, rolling in something disgusting in the center of the yard! I called him to stop, and he did. But it was already too late. There were 2 large, stinky dark marks across his side and back. The closer he got to me, the smellier he got. I ordered him to go and sit at the door, which he did. I went into the garage again and got one of the old sleeping bags down, made him a bed and brought him in there to "air out". He knows that I am very upset with him. I left him in the garage until I decided to bring his crate on to the porch and crate him there. Only because it's going to rain tonight and I didn't want him to get scared by the noise of the water, or the noise of the furnace going on and off to heat water.

Along with that little 'drama'... Miss Punky decided that she needed to react to what Nolli did and how upset I was at him. She decided that she was going to poop on the floor. She is now crated as well... and tonight, I am questioning my sanity for having 2 dogs. I am feeling like I could easily surrender them... but I know that it isn't going to happen. I'm just upset and it's doubly hard because DH is out of town.

I am weary tonight... it always takes it toll on me when DH is gone for more than a couple of days. On a lighter note... tonight as I was waiting for Nolli to do his evening business... the fire fly show across the lawns were stunning. It always takes my breath away when I see all those fire flies. It will always be a magical time at dusk as the fire flies come out. (Just a little sanity to keep me going.)

Thanks for reading... be blessed.

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