Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to Move On!

I have been trying to move ahead and get on with the business of living. Yesterday was rather difficult for me, dealing and processing the events of the last few days. Between that and the heat and humidity, and DH having to travel for work, it's helped to put me on the edge.

I'm taking the day off today... I've cancelled appointments and turned the a/c down to 68 degrees. Both the dogs and I are camping out in the living room until cooler temperatures arrive later tonight. I do need to go out once to water the flowers as they were overlooked last night.

I am hoping to take a field trip this weekend. I want to go back to the little valley we discovered last weekend and explore it a little more, and take a different road. (And hopefully remember to take a few pictures as well.)

I'm glad that it's Thursday... only one more day until the weekend. And I can't believe that we will be just a week away from the 4th of July. We are planning on staying home that weekend instead of traveling to Connecticut. I'm just not up to staying in a hotel with 2 dogs and dealing with holiday traffic.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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