Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Rainy, Dreary Day...

It's a cold and dreary day here in N.E. PA. The rain arrived about 9 this morning... my flowers are loving the free water. They are going crazy already with the warm and humid weather we've had during the first week of the month. I have a hanging petunia that seems to have all the neighbors talking because it's so full and round and has tons of new blossoms. I've done lots of petunias, hot pink geraniums, lots of lobelia and johnny jump-ups everywhere. It's very lovely and I can't wait to see how it looks at mid-summer.

I went to see the chiropractor yesterday. My back was very stiff... but once he started working on me, my back did go back into place with only a little pain. He put me on ice for yesterday... and for today, I am very happy to be able to use warm heat on my back. I woke up very early this morning... just after DH left for work. I tried to get some stuff done, but it was soooo cold. I could only do a little bit because my feet were freezing. (And my hands, my nose, my core!)

I ended up going back to bed to get warm... I actually did that twice. The first time, I slept until 8:30... and then I ended going back once more to get warm and snoozed far longer than I thought I would. I must have needed it, because I woke up feeling better than I have in several days! I haven't been sleeping all through the night because of my back. It hurts so bad sometimes, it wakes me up even with Ambien!

I've tried to work out on the porch and also going through cupboards in the kitchen, but it only takes a short while and my back hurts! (No surprise there!) I will continue to work in small "sessions" until I get it done. I'm sure that DH will help me when he gets home from work and sees that I've been working on it.

I need to get busy... I'm making spaghetti sauce today... it sounds good for a cold, rainy Wednesday. Oh... And GLEE! I so enjoyed the finale... and I'm so glad that they'll be showing the first season again through the summer. Yay!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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