Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Container Garden

Ms. Jo over at wrote me a comment about wanting to see my flowers. So, this afternoon, amid all the laundry and errands (DH is traveling all next week) I grabbed the camera and took a few photos to share with y'all. If it weren't for my flowers and the help that I get from DH to keep them watered, I'm sure I'd be a certified basket case by now. (Flowers are what I dream and think about all winter long.)

This last picture is of my favorite "Sprng Flower" it's hard to believe she's been with us for 10 months now.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


J said...

Thank you! They are stunning - the last one too!


Anonymous said...

.........the hanging baskets are fabulous, and the pastoral setting, divine. Send more pictures our way. You have a style of simplicity and goodness...... AND I think you inspire others to savor the same.

ANOTHER Sandra!!!! in TN

Suzanne said...

Sandra in TN... Thank you for nice comments! I will try to add more pics as I have opportunity. I often miss many of them because I don't have my camera on me!

Sandra/Collingwood said...

Fabulous pictures, Suzanne and I love the surprise at the end.
Punky is a true flower.
Best always, Sandra