Sunday, June 27, 2010

Strange Adventures in Dining Out...

It might be the full moon... but yesterday and today we had strange things happen as we were dining. Last night, we had 3 things happen. The first took place as we were about to cross the threshold of the restaurant. A young family of 3 was coming across the parking lot behind us and as they stepped up on the sidewalk, their young son took a huge tumble on the sidewalk. He pretty much did a face plant with his hands flat down on the concrete... along with his knees. We were both horrified by the sound of it as well empathetic to his pain. He cried briefly, but his Dad told him he was okay and he pulled himself together.

The second thing was as we were seated... the table right behind us had 2 twenty-somethings on a first date. The young man was quite loud as he talked above the din of the noise. We learned so much about him and his opinions... and I will get to all of that in just a moment.

The third thing that happened was after we received our meals. Unfortunately for DH, he had a hair in his food. I tried to get the waitress's attention, but she didn't see me. DH tried to get the hostesses attention... and there were several of them, to no avail. Then I spotted a manager... and DH was up out of his seat in an instant. He came to the table immediately and took his plate. He went and placed an order for another, came over and gave us a discount coupon for our next visit and took a discount off our check. We had a good humor about the whole thing because we were being entertained by Mr. First Date. The waitress apologized as well... and we told her it wasn't her fault.

And then today... we went to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast. As we were sitting there... the table behind me was finishing their meal. The very tall man sitting right behind me went to get up, and caught his feet in the feet of the table... and went tumbling down face first in to the floor. He missed the table across from them, but he was pretty shaken up. All the men at his table laughed at him. The manager came over and checked him out... asked him several questions and if he were going to seek medical attention. He declined to do so.... no one bothered to check with me, but my back was spasming because his chair hit mine and caused me to jump. What an interesting chain of events.

Now... back to Mr. First Date. He was the kind of guy that I would have excused myself from the table and came back with a headache and left early. (Or called someone to call me and fake an emergency!) When we first got there, he was in the middle of discussing alimony and divorce lawyers... and that everyone needed a pre-nup to be sure they were really into the marriage and planning a life together or just into having a wedding. He had several opinions on divorce lawyers as well... thinking it was better to spend the money on a pre-nup than lose so much more later. He clearly didn't know when to shut his pie-hole.

He also broached the subject of office affairs and who was sleeping with whom and what his take on the whole thing was... he also told the young lady that whom ever he dates should know that she would play second fiddle to his brother, who comes first and she'd better understand that right off. Only if she was laying on the floor bleeding and would need medical attention, would she surpass his brother.

We also learned how he felt about smokers, and how hard he is on anyone he cares about who smokes. He rambled on about the affects of smoking on the body and was fairly obnoxious about that issue. (It was tough to stomach his opinion about the bodily affects while I ate.) We had to listen about his work, how he signs all of his documents at work, and what his name was.

I laughed during so much of dinner... I was quite glad that I was eating small bites because there were many times I could have choked on my food otherwise. I felt sorry for the girl and I wanted to tell her to "run the other way and don't look back"... but of course that would have been rude. We both thought she was sitting there because he had picked her up for the date and she was stranded... but alas, when they finally left, she had driven herself to the restaurant. It was truly an first date nightmare... and one that I am glad to only had to witness with my husband instead of actually be a part of!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

Sounds like internet dating...ho no!
Best always, Sandra