Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh! My Back!!!!

Last week, my chiropractor cut my appointments back to 2 days a week. Apparently, my back wasn't informed of this matter and decided to go "on-strike" late Saturday. Sunday was a day that I couldn't do too much because if I moved wrong, it hurt. Yesterday was so bad, that it took my breath away and stopped me in my tracks if I tried to do much of anything.

I really wanted to stay home this morning and sleep since I haven't slept well in several days... even with the help of Ambien! I made myself go anyway... and I can say that I do feel better after going in for an adjustment and therapy. I will be on ice for most of the rest of today. I can start heat tomorrow, thankfully!

So... once again, I am not able to do too much. I will have to take it easy and slow when I water all the flowers today. (And I'm sure that I won't be picking up Punky and holding her in my lap too much.)

The ice packs are calling me... Thanks for reading. Be blessed!

P.S. ~Sandy... I love the idea of using a shower curtain across the shelving! DH also had that idea when I shared your comments with him! He said great minds think alike. =)

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dawdawsmom said...

you married a wise man suzanne ;o)