Sunday, June 6, 2010

Funny Money Troubles (from NJ)

Today has been a fairly relaxing day... given that after we went to brunch, we came home and put away all the patio furniture, flags, flowers and anything else that could be blown away. We've been under tornado watch all day. We decided to watch a movie and relax as the storms passed over us.

On a whim... (more like God prompting me) I decided to check our bank balances as we had gone to Sam's Club yesterday and spent some cash. I was quite surprised to discover that for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, that we had a large amount pending in holds. The first time was for an electric company and after having a 4 day hold, it rolled off our account. We had the money to cover it... but it still held up almost $500! This time it's for $400... and if we aren't careful, it could mess us up.

DH got on the phone to the bank where it was determined that it was my card that has been compromised. Both transactions were placed in NJ... DH traveled there not too long ago, but his card is fine! My wings will be clipped until a new card arrives later this week. To quote DH... "It's crazy!" Hopefully... the charge will roll off the account and I won't have to dispute the charge and fight to get my money back. DH is gracious enough to let me use his card... he really does love me!

Oh... we have been looking for a pantry to go on our porch... we decided that we couldn't find one we liked that wouldn't need to be modified to hold everything. So, instead we went with commercial grade metal shelving... thus the trip to Sam's. It was a fraction of the price and I don't really need doors on it... and if I did, DH could add them if I really want them. We're really liking having the extra space and it's nice to be able to reach things without having to do acrobatics on a stool or having things fall on my toes. I'm still deciding what I want to store out there, and once I'm done. I'll post a pic of what I've done.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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dawdawsmom said...

About your pantry…if the shelving is what I think it is, maybe consider hanging a curtain instead of doors. Even a decorative shower curtain would work nice. Anything that can hang by hooks over the top bar. You can attach some type of a hook on the side to hold your curtain back when you are working out of the pantry. Just a thought…less expensive and less work than shelves.