Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Slight Case.

Because it was Memorial Day on Monday... we just had to grill out. I had picked up some nice NY strips on Friday and they had been "aging" nicely in the bottom of the fridge. We seasoned them with some good Himalayan Sea Salt and fresh cracked pepper. I got the grill good and hot and threw them on. They were perfect in 9 minutes!

We decided to eat upstairs in the kitchen... and I fixed all the leftovers from Sunday's BBQ. It was a good meal... and I could not eat all my steak. DH also left a little of his steak for Nolli dog. There was a good bit of steak left over... about 3 1/2 ounces. So.. Nolli always expects to have a little bit of steak, and he's used to getting it. Pumpkin on the other hand... is not used to "people food" and we rarely give it to her. I've been giving her the tiniest of bites when there is left over steak or pork or burgers. She's done ok so far. (You can tell where this is headed, right?)

So... I gave Nolli a nice portion of steak bits on his kibble... and I also gave Punky some steak in her bowl. I was justly rewarded by Punky yesterday. We were at the flower shop... and she started to get sick. I swooped her up and had her out the front door as fast as my knee and back would allow. She got sick... and then I took her over to the grass in our yard... and she proceeded to show me again that she cannot tolerate more than just a taste of anything not dog related. She had a slight case of pancreantitis. She still managed to eat her dinner when DH got home and feed the dogs. Nolli is just fine, of course. He's pretty durable and used to being spoiled with steak bits. I kept a good eye on Punky during the evening and she seemed okay. Today, she's going to the groomer to get bathed and trimmed. I'm taking Nolli to get his nails done. (Altho, he could use a bath too.)

On the "back" issue... I am starting to feel better as long as I don't over do it. I will probably feel those spasms later on because DH forgot to take the trash to the street today and I ended up having to lift up the garage door to get the can out. I plan on not doing all that much today... the house is still in good order, dinner is done and in the fridge for later... so I will take Punky and Nolli up to the groomer at noon and just hang out this afternoon. (I do have the desire to go up to my favorite greenhouse... but I said I was done buying flowers!)

There you have it... it's what's new and exciting in my life! Oh... I didn't tell you that I've been on the screaming baby radar lately. Everywhere I go lately... there is a screaming baby somewhere nearby. The latest was last night... we had gone to Olive Garden for our anniversary. Seated at the next table over was an older man, a very young girl and a baby that was 10 months old. At first we didn't notice them... and then as their food came out, the baby started screaming... first it was more of a holler. Kind of finding her voice. Then it changed to a demand scream and she kept it up. Several of the wait staff did what they could to distract her and quiet her down, to no avail. By the end of the evening after they left, I was so glad to not hear the shriek that would almost make me wince when it went off... and dessert saved the evening... white chocolate raspberry cheesecake!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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