Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap!

I've been M.I.A. again! I just got wrapped up in household stuff, and garden stuff. And I wanted to make a wonderful dinner on Friday for DH after having him out of town for the whole week.

I don't know what happened to Thursday... I think that was a day spent out west of here. Friday, I do remember! I got up early and got my to-do list and went to Wilkes-Barre and did my grocery shopping. I then came home and fixed a fabulous dinner for DH. Steaks on the grill... Panzella salad, sauteed zucchini, and a fabulous lemon creme pie with white chocolate curls. It was all sooooooooo good.

Then on Saturday, we woke up early and I whisked DH away for a fun drive even farther west than we've been and went to an air strip for a "piper cub" fly-in. We were able to walk the flight line and check out the planes. We went to a great piper air museum, met some really great people, and had some good "carnival" food. We were wind-burned, sun-burned, and loving life!

We decided to take back roads home and came across a wonderful Amish area. I wasn't fast enough with my camera and didn't want to drive back, but we came across a farm that was being plowed with a 6 horse draft team... it was a beautiful sight. We came across several other Amish homes, one who was a woods craftsman and he was working a beautiful Windsor bow back chair. We also went through a state forest all on gravel roads. That was a fun trip and we enjoyed the views. When we finally hit pavement again... we came across the swimming area of the state park... complete with a wonderful sandy beach, volley ball court and roped swimming area.

We continued on to back roads into the town of Lewisburg. There is a great restaurant and gift shop with greenhouses there. (There are also tons of antique shops as well, but we weren't headed that way.) We had a wonderful dinner with prime rib and a very good salad bar and dessert, too! We had such a great day. It's one that we will remember for a long time.

Sunday, being Father's Day, we went for brunch at our favorite hotel. We go there for brunch often and for Father's Day, they really put out a great spread. We spent most of the day at home, doing a few things that needed finishing. DH decided to get the weed eater out and work on the over-growth along the stream. He's not completely done, but it does look good out there. At least now he can get down to the banks and start cleaning out the blue-bells that are starting to become overgrown.

After all that work, we were rewarded with some of the local Doe's coming down to feed. They love the berries that grow along the stream and they love the greenery that grows on that side. As soon as it was barely dark, they came to drink in the stream. It was lovely to watch them... we were out there for well over an hour... and of course we were treated to a great light show by all the fire-flies as well. So beautiful... I love that time of the day, as the grass and the trees sparkle with so much light.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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