Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I added 8 pages to our wedding album today. I wanted to have it finished to take to the family reunion. I didn't do any journaling in it, just did a lot of cropping and embellishments. It was rather fun to spread out my stuff across the dining room table and have little work stations. It went rather quickly doing it that way!

Last night... we had just sat down to dinner and DH's phone went off... he had an emergency call over an hour away. He left at 6 and got home after 1 am this morning. We were up at 6 this morning so he could check in and get his day set up. He came home this afternoon at 5... he was pretty tired. He showered and went to put his feet up and watch the news, I woke him at 6:45 once dinner was ready. He's worked on paper work most of the evening. I think the highlight of the evening was when I busted out the Moose-Tracks ice cream and caramel sauce. (That will make any paperwork go better!)

Tomorrow, I need to finish putting away all of my scrapbook materials and straighten the dining room back up. I should also do a little grocery shopping for next week and do the preliminary packing for Saturday. Oh... DH's sister called tonight... she's decided to come down from New York to the family reunion! I am very excited to meet her for the first time. Another funny thing happened today... DH's baby brother just started a facebook account... so I "friended" him. He's made a few comments on my status updates... so he decided to call me today! That is the first time he's called me and not DH! I guess I really am becoming part of the family!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: Enjoy your weekend with your new family. I'm sure you'll have a great time. It looks good for weather too. Be sure to take lots of pictures. Family reunions are always lots of fun. I love going to them too. There is always such an array of wonderful food to choose from. Some people in my mix are famous for butter tarts so there is always a secret competition.
Best always, Sandra