Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Odds & Ends

Well... last night's thunderstorm was a real head-banger! It rocked and rolled 'round here for a good 2 to 3 hours. The winds didn't come like expected, and it only hailed a little bit. But we are still glad to have put all the yard stuff and the car into the garage. As the storm approached, I really felt the atmospheric pressure change... I was yowling in pain. I had to take stuff and have DH rub my back and my knees with bio-freeze so I could go to sleep. I woke up in pain... and had to do it all over again this morning. Sweet DH let me sleep until 10! I woke up feeling pretty good after that.

Also last night, my dear "N" called me... she had just discovered that her oldest sister had passed away. She needed me to call our pastor (from back home) and let him know to call her or her sister, Miss A. Her sister Miss L, had a pretty tough lot in life... and in her later years, it showed. She was on disability for COPD, but wanted her independence and lived alone. When no one had heard from her yesterday... they went looking and when they got no response, called for paramedics. That's when they found that Miss L had gone to be with the Lord. "N" felt so badly that she hadn't gone over sooner... I tried to comfort her the best that I could... but it never feels like enough.

Today... DH has worked on house projects... we have an attic ventilation system that has been broken from the time we moved in here. He's tried several times to fix it... today, he's installed a new motor and variable speed controller that is worth about $850. (He had it from another piece of equipment that he owns.) He's almost done with it... but is trying his hardest to figure out how to correctly mount the original fan in place... it seems that it was never properly mounted to begin with! I have a feeling a trip up to the attic might be in store for him instead of working through the vent opening. He's such a hard worker and such a smart "technical" man.

Tomorrow, I see the physical therapist... we are going to meet and do paperwork, set up a plan of exercises for my knees and schedule some pool time. Sounds like a lot, huh? I have to be out the door almost right behind DH to make this appointment. That hasn't happened in awhile!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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