Thursday, July 30, 2009

In The Tank...

I had a physical therapy session today! And I went into the pool for 45 minutes today. First, the therapist did a wrap and band on both of my knees... and then, I did my first trip in the therapy pool. It was wonderful! It's a single person tub, 7 feet deep, and it uses a Hoyer lift to get you in the water. The first part I needed to use a life vest, which they attached to two pulleys to keep me from floating away... and I got to "bicycle" for like... 5 whole minutes! It was just heavenly to be able to move with out any pain!

I later moved to the other side of the pool to a platform and did many different types of movement and repetition... and it only hurt a little bit. When it came time to get out... I didn't want to because it felt so good. Once I was no longer buoyant and gravity took over, man did that feel weird and freaky! But my therapist told me that I was right... I should have been in the water from my very first visit! He liked that he didn't need to spend a lot of time with me, he could just tell me what to do, set the timer, and come back when it went off. I go back on Monday... and I am going to try and be good for the next few days and not do too much. I did get all my shopping done... and I even went to a yard sale this afternoon!

I bought myself a great wire shopping basket with wheels for the flea market. This one was only used a couple of times, has a great liner... and was priced less than the one I saw at the flea market anyway! I also bought an aluminum folding director's chair with a black nylon cover. I really like how comfortable it is... and since it folds up... I can take it anywhere I want and be able to sit with comfort and be able to get out of it with some grace!

It's been humid and hot... we camped out in the bedroom last evening... and I will be there again soon. We had tons of rain last night... but at least we didn't have the tornado touch down here... it ended up touching down about 30 miles north of us in the Poconos and was an F-2 storm. Crazy, huh?

Thanks for reading... I'm headed to the ac now! Be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: It sounds like wonderful therapy that you are undergoing. There are so many interesting things that water is used for. I've seen horses use hydro pools for their legs. I bet they like that too if the water is warm.
My weather here is still cool and I was cold last night with the windows open. I'm further northwest that you. We've had a rather cool summer so far.
Special care, Suzanne